Milestone Industrial Services Inc.

Milestone Industrial Services , provides a wide range of Contract maintenance services , Protective Coating Systems and Now Decorative Concrete Impressions.

Milestone has grown in size and increased in services to become known throughout Kingston and surrounding areas as a diversified and skilled service provider.

Our success is based upon long term relationships with clients, some we have serviced for over twenty years.

“Milestone goes the extra mile for quality.”

Protective Coating Systems

With a wide variety to choose from, we can assure you that one of our leading protective coating systems is ideal for the job. Whether it be Seamless Apoxy, Decorative Quartz and Flake, or Polyurethane. The protection and longevity are guaranteed to last, and fit your needs.

Concrete Preparation Services

Donʼt leave it upon yourself to prepare your own concrete. Let one of our knowledgeable and experienced members take out the guess work with our Diamond Grinding/Surface Preparation, and Mastic/Glue and Thin-Set Removal services.

Decorative Concrete

Nothing has to be boring with our variety of concrete selections. We have a unique solution to meet the practicality for the uses of the materials. From Polished, Stamped Impressions, Acid and Water based, or full concrete counter tops with the option of Metallic Epoxy coatings.

Contract Maintenance Services

We can ensure the finest maintenance for your area to make sure that your space can function the way it was meant to. From out Contract Industrial Cleaning Services to our Industrial Plant Cleaning, we guarantee cleanliness and organization like the day it was built.

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